"Enkòmion" – Review of art Contemporary

The Center of art and culture “Leonardo da Vinci”, with the Patronage of the Common in Bari, Region Puglia, Consoled of the Republic of Croazia and with the collaboration of the Center you Study European “Spinelli” and “The Site of the art” it organizes “Enkòmion” Review of art Contemporary 21 February – 1 March 2009 Bunker of S.Anthony abbot (Waterfront August Emperor, forehead I grind S.Anthony) Vernissage: times 18.00 21 February

Godmother of the inaugural evening: Teacher Rosa Alò, Consul of the Croatian Republic.
Edited by presentation the doctor Lello Spinelli , critical of art in Bari

“Twelve the present artists and assiemati among the boundaries of the Bunker, every with a really run, always careful not to be already banalizzati in other people’s judgment / fruition of the obviousness of the too seen, proceeding in autonomous way in different lines of tendency.
To stimulate the desirable interest for this event, thirteenth fruitore myself, translator of the single expressive languages as critical of art barese, for the genetic critical essenzialità and impartiality of judgment.
“Enkomion”, the title of this show, organized by the Center of art and Culture “Leonardo da Vinci” of which dynamic president is the painter Leonardo Basile , that you/he/she will have been held since February 21 to March 1 st 2009 near the Bunker of Sant’Antonio Abate in Bari, structure of trapezoidal form, built in 1500 to watch of the I bring. For years the bunker has been closed for jobs of restauration but from a few years is returned to its ancient shine, from here the name Enkòmion.
Not casual, therefore, the choice of a location symbol for artistic-cultural initiatives baresi to want to also underline the wish of the “Leonardo from you Win “to look, from the sixteenth-century scolta barese, also to the alive and pulsating ferments of the home culture not only.
Compartments and different segments of the external / inside reality these, that penetrate the wide sweaters of the art without “leadership” of some “code” expressive but rather with well individualized belonging models also to the traditional world of the art. These the present artists, young people and less young people, all working ones in our region eccezion done for the lucano Francis Mestria and the teacher Amedeo Di the Judge: Leonardo Basile , Magda Carella, Caesar Cassone, Joseph De Sario, Giacinto Franco, Massimo Nardi, Rosary Mercuries, Margherita Ragno, Francis Silvestri and Luisa Valenzano.” Lello Spinelli

They thank the Firms, public and private, for their generous availability: “Grand Hotel Riva del Sole” – Giovinazzo (BA), Presidency A.M.I.U. Bari, Center comfort “Villa Camilla Bari“.

Art promoter : www.leonardobasile.it



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